Breath Easy, Breath Well - How To Manage Chronic Respiratory Illness

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Dawn Encian is an Army veteran who owns and operates Knead Total Wellness. She's a functional nutritionist specialising in respiratory and digestive health as well as a medical massage therapist who has been in the wellness industry since 2006.

As a functional nutritionist, Dawn focuses on the patient instead of the disease. She utilizes a personalised method of optimising an individual’s health and wellness based on their current health, labs, lifestyle, needs, and more. As a functional nutritionist, she has helped many people become healthier while focusing on lifestyle changes, not just nutrition. To her, this is just as important when a person wants a better overall quality of life.

She was also the hostess of the Breathe Easy, Breathe Well Virtual Event.  She had over 30 experts speak on how to naturally treat and manage respiratory diseases.  She also offers challenges on how to improve your respiratory health in as little as a WEEK! 

Over the years, Dawn has also struggled with her own health and found that nutrition was a key component to her wellness and healing. She felt that listening to her body and incorporating different therapeutic treatments were instrumental in healing her body. Obviously, there are still times she struggles, just like everyone else, but because she understands the foundations of health, she's able to hone in and heal herself much quicker than before.

This is why she does what she does. She wants to help people live their best life for themselves and their families.  By teaching people the importance of food, nutrition, chiropractic, acupuncture and more, as well as focusing on wellness now instead of illness later, she feels we can turn around our sick nation one person at a time.

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