The Functional Medicine Approach To Autoimmunity

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Jabe is the Founder of Melbourne Functional Medicine, a clinic that uses cutting-edge functional medicine and results-focused health coaching that's leading the way in healthcare in Australia.

With a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, and ongoing training through The Institute for Functional Medicine, Jabe is passionate about sharing this information and empowering his patients.

Jabe believes healthcare should be evidence-based and focused on addressing the most underlying issues. To this aim, Jabe works by taking a thorough case, using the latest available testing techniques. He has a particular interest in treating Adrenal Fatigue, Stress, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and digestive conditions, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, and autoimmunity.

When he isn’t nerding out over health research or trying to save the world one patient at a time, Jabe is probably annoying his children, reading some trashy fantasy novel, or playing board games.

A comprehensive guide on foods to eat and avoid for autoimmune diseases that also reveals the main underlying causes of autoimmunity, tests to consider, and handy lists of foods to include and avoid for autoimmune conditions, so you can start reversing your symptoms today.

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