Tough Cases: Your “Rare” Illness Was Identified, Now What?

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Aaron Hartman, MD helps people with chronic health issues restore their health. 

He’s Board Certified in Family Medicine and Integrative and Holistic Medicine. He is also a published clinical researcher. 

After adopting children with special needs, he began to realize that our healthcare system, into which he had invested decades of his education and career, did not offer many answers for his children. 

He began to pursue training in functional medicine to help his family, and now uses that training to empower his patients with the information and resources they need to harness their own bodies’ power to heal.

Building Resilience: Harness Your Body's Power to Heal

You'll learn:

– 7 KEYS to the resilience of blue zones

– ​Basic preventative health strategies of functional medicine

– Lifestyle measures to boost your resilience and improve your immune system function

– Ways to improve your health if you or your loved one have acquired a chronic illness

– ​A new trajectory for your health and wellness!

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