5 step Approach to Healing the Gut 


Rheumatoid arthritis

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 Stephanie is an AFPA certified Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach who specializes in digestive health and detoxification. Through her own 15-year battle against digestive disorders and chronic inflammation, Stephanie was able to learn how to heal own body through holistic, natural remedies and lifestyle changes. Her many years of experience, international training and expert qualifications now allows her to help other adults do the same. She understands that to be succeed you need the right people in your corner to hold you accountable and offer you support and guidance along the way. Stephanie is the founder of Unlimited You – Holistic Health Coaching where she provides 1:1 coaching as well as a 6-week full body reset program to help you get to the root cause of your problems and begin healing from the inside out. She has helped countless men and women overcome digestive distress, rebalance hormones and regain their quality of life. For more information on the services, she offers or to book a free discovery call with her, head over to www.unlimitedyoucoaching.NET or find her on Instagram @UnlimitedYouCoaching 

Julie Michelson is a National Board-Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach specializing in inflammation and autoimmunity.  

Julie is passionate about educating, inspiring, and supporting the autoimmune community to be empowered to heal.  She works remotely with clients internationally and has created RA the Right Way and Inspired Living with Autoimmunity to allow clients to experience results quickly, and without overwhelm.

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