Sarah Rustbatch

Grey Area Drinking - signs that alcohol may be taking more than it's giving

William Porter

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MEET Sarah Rustbatch

Sarah Rusbatch is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, accredited ‘Grey Area Drinking’ coach, host of two thriving online communities for sober curious women and a passionate ambassador for supporting women change their relationship with alcohol – for good. 

Sarah has been living life alcohol free since early 2019 following a 2-year journey of attempting (and failing) to moderate her alcohol consumption. Since then, she has discovered her life to be more fulfilling, fun, and purposeful than it ever was in her  drinking days. By sharing her journey, creating alcohol-free social events, online courses and coaching, Sarah is supporting a movement of thousands of sober curious women from around the world. She knows that Grey Area Drinking is far more common than people think and the impact it has on women’s mental health and their lives is undeniable.


MEET William Porter

William Porter started smoking when he was 14. He very quickly became a daily smoker. He used to smoke around 10 a day, unless he was drinking in which case he would get through a pack or two. In his late teens he came across Allan Carr’s Easyway. He found it very clever and ground breaking, but although it stopped him for short periods, he always ended going back to it.

When he was about 22 he managed to stop for an extended period (around 4 years). His fitness went up and he joined the 4th (Reserve) Battalion of the Parachute Regiment. In 2004 he was involved in the 60th anniversary of the Normandy landings, which involved a joint exercise with US airborne forces. It was whilst there that he was introduced to dipping tobacco. He started dipping regularly and when dip wasn’t available (it is not sold in the UK) he went back to smoking.

In 2005 / 2006 he served in Iraq in Op Telic 7. He finally quit nicotine for good in 2014. 
He always felt that Allan Carr’s method was very clever and very insightful, but that it was lacking somehow. It felt like he’d only just discovered the tip of the iceberg.

In 2015 William published Alcohol Explained which is a detailed analysis of alcohol, of how it effects human beings and how it grows from being experimental, to pleasurable, to a necessity. It has now sold over 100,000 copies by word of mouth alone, with sales constantly increasingly year on year.

Much like a master chess player who can see lines of force and influence on the board, and who can identify the important lines and ignore the weak ones, William has the knack of being able to identify the important motivators when it comes to addiction, and to explain these in a relatable, lucid way. His work is about rationalising addiction, about helping people understand the forces at play that keep them coming back to something that they know in their heart they are better off without. Understanding is the key to control.


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