Dr. Tabatha Barber

This is NOT Normal!  Naturally Balance Hormones to Feel Like Yourself Again

Dr. Aaron Hartman

Exercise Less and Feel Stronger

Katie Sampayo

Why We Self Sabotage & How to Set Boundaries That Stick

Danielle Daem

Sexual Energy for Health, Healing & Vitality

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MEET Dr. Tabatha Barber

Dr. Tabatha Barber has devoted her life to giving women a voice and a choice when it comes to their health and well-being.  As a young girl, she struggled with self-esteem and identity issues, dealt with peer-pressure, and survived the ridicule and stigma of becoming a teenage mother.  As she shared in her first published book titled, From White Trash to White Coat: The Birth of Catherine’s Purpose, those events led Tabatha to finding her purpose in life. With perseverance and grace, she was able to redirect her path in life and become a successful physician.

Dr. Tabatha Barber is triple board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology, menopause, and functional medicine. She has the unique situation of being licensed to practice medicine in over half the country, so you now have the ability to work with a functional physician virtually.

She is the host of The Gutsy Gynecologist Show; where she shares her wisdom and knowledge with women everywhere to reclaim their health. She is also a keynote speaker, mentor, wife, mom, and grandma! By incorporating functional medicine into her women’s health practice, she is able to provide women with the tools they need to optimize their health and happiness, which, in turn, allows those women to pursue their purpose in life.


MEET Dr. Aaron Hartman

Dr. Hartman's journey with functional medicine started when he & his wife adopted their first daughter from foster care. She has cerebral palsy & countless dietary issues. They went from specialist to specialist and, even as a physician, he felt let down & confused. His daughter's health struggles forced him to confront an uncomfortable realization: Our current healthcare system doesn't have all the answers. His wife, however, refused to give up hope. She ultimately pointed him to functional medicine. His daughter & other two kids began to thrive. After years in family practice, he felt called to make a dramatic shift. 

He now helps patients identify leverage points in key areas of their lifestyle & health that harness their body's remarkable power to heal and begin living the vibrant life they deserve. He has become the ‘go to’ doctor for difficult and hard cases in central Virginia. 

As a clinical researcher, Dr. Hartman has been involved with over 60 clinical studies, he is the founder of the Virginia Research Center, and currently is serving as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at the VCU School of Medicine. 

In 2016 he founded Richmond Integrative and Functional Medicine.


Resilience has become the key concept in 2022 for health and wellness. In this free eBook, Dr. Hartman addresses the foundations of functional medicine and how they can change your health trajectory today. 

In this guide you'll learn:

  • 7 KEYS to the resilience of blue zones
  • Basic preventative health strategies of functional medicine
  • Lifestyle measures to boost your resilience and improve your immune system function
  • Ways to improve your health if you or your loved one have acquired a chronic illness
  • A new trajectory for your health and wellness!

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MEET Katie Sampayo

Katie is the Owner of THRIVE Fitness & Adventure retreats, Founder of THRIVE Coaching- A high level Holistic health and Life Coaching program, Certified Personal Trainer, 200 Hour Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, #1 Bestselling Author of "Eat To Thrive: The Anti-Diet Cookbook", and former T.V. show host of "Eat Right, Live Well " on channel 47 ABC.

Katie has been traveling the world full-time since 2018 living a life filled with adventure, connection, and transformational experiences. Her mission is to powerfully  serve and inspire everyone in this world to live a life filled with their own versions of this so they are fully THRIVING!


MEET Danielle Daem

Danielle Daem is a Sugar Freedom Coach & Speaker who is passionate about helping women reshape their relationship with sugar so they can reclaim control over their health and energy once and for all! 

Having struggled with sugar addiction herself, she knows exactly how difficult and overwhelming the journey can be. Using her extensive knowledge in nutrition, personal experience, and coaching, Dani helps her clients discover a new way of living in which sugar cravings and guilt no longer controls their health and life. 

Danielle is also the host of the top rated “Beyond Sugar Freedom Podcast” where she dives deep into conversations about the root causes of sugar dependency and total body health and wellness. 


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Discover how to break the emotional eating habit so you can make peace with food....WITHOUT feeling deprived or having to give up the foods you love!

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