Kirsten Greene

Is SIBO Causing Your IBS and Digestive Issues & How to Fix it?

Margaret Romero

The Secrets Behind Overcoming Lupus & Other Autoimmune Conditions

Dawn Encian

Optimize Lung Health by Improving Gut Health

Dr. Justin Marchegiani

Dr. Justin M - Adrenals, Anxiety & Burn Out

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MEET Kirsten Greene

Kirsten Greene has been a practicing Naturopath, Nutritionist and Western Medical Herbalist since 2008, and specialises in working with clients who have SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) and associated digestive issues.

Kirsten has worked in Australia, South Africa and Europe and consults with clients worldwide online.

Originally from South Africa, trained and qualified in Australia, Kirsten is a practising member of Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia and now calls Bali, Indonesia home.

Her primary focus is helping women heal their digestive issues so they can enjoy a loving relationship with their body and food. 
And for some, so that they may feel “normal”, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Having been through SIBO and suffering digestion issues herself for years, Kirsten is super passionate in this area and can relate to what her clients are going through.

SIBO free to this day, Kirsten has gone from living with an extreme fear of food due to bloating, weight gain and discomfort, to having a healthy, functioning digestive system and sound relationship with all food.

This is what Kirsten wants this for all others suffering with digestive issues too, food freedom.


MEET Margaret Romero

Margaret A. Romero NP is a Columbia-trained Nurse Practitioner. She utilizes functional medicine to treat chronic illness, autoimmunity, and women’s health issues. She's been a clinical instructor and taught Functional/Integrative Medicine at Columbia University. She's the host of The Sacred Medicine Podcast and author of From Flare to Fabulous: 25 Things You Must Do to Avoid Your Next Lupus Flare.


10 Things You Can Do To Create Vitality Despite Lupus

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MEET Dawn Encian

Dawn Encian is an Army veteran who owns and operates Knead Total Wellness. She's a functional nutritionist specialising in respiratory and digestive health as well as a medical massage therapist who has been in the wellness industry since 2006.

As a functional nutritionist, Dawn focuses on the patient instead of the disease. She utilizes a personalised method of optimising an individual’s health and wellness based on their current health, labs, lifestyle, needs, and more. As a functional nutritionist, she has helped many people become healthier while focusing on lifestyle changes, not just nutrition. To her, this is just as important when a person wants a better overall quality of life.

She was also the hostess of the Breathe Easy, Breathe Well Virtual Event.  She had over 30 experts speak on how to naturally treat and manage respiratory diseases.  She also offers challenges on how to improve your respiratory health in as little as a WEEK! 

Over the years, Dawn has also struggled with her own health and found that nutrition was a key component to her wellness and healing. She felt that listening to her body and incorporating different therapeutic treatments were instrumental in healing her body. Obviously, there are still times she struggles, just like everyone else, but because she understands the foundations of health, she's able to hone in and heal herself much quicker than before.

This is why she does what she does. She wants to help people live their best life for themselves and their families.  By teaching people the importance of food, nutrition, chiropractic, acupuncture and more, as well as focusing on wellness now instead of illness later, she feels we can turn around our sick nation one person at a time.


MEET Dr. Justin Marchegiani D.C.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani started off his career in the health field working in a surgical center as he prepared for medical school while at the University of Massachusetts. Working in the surgical field gave him a first-hand, up-close perspective into the health care system. He was able to see where it shined, especially in the area of treating acute injuries and trauma. He also saw its shortcomings, which are most evident in the areas of chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity which are still a problem today! This experience shifted his focus from conventional medicine to a more holistic or natural approach to healing; where the underlying cause of his patient’s health issues are addressed and not just medicated and surgically removed.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a degree in Kinesiology and Pre-medical studies. Dr. Justin has completed his Doctorate degree in Chiropractic from Life West University and is a licensed doctor of chiropractic in the state of Texas. He has completed postgraduate study in the area of clinical nutrition, rehabilitative exercise, and functional medicine so he can offer the most cutting-edge techniques to help address his patient’s growing health care needs.

Dr. Justin works with a wide variety of patients all the way from athletes trying to increase performance and heal from injuries to the everyday person with chronic health challenges. Using a holistic approach, Dr. Justin addresses core underlying barriers to health which allows his patients to heal faster and feel better.


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