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Day 1

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

1. Sonja Hindley (Wellness Warehouse) - Causes of chronic inflammation and solutions to manage it naturally

2. Kirsten Pearse - Why the right omega's are a non-negotiable for improving mental & physical health

3. Lilia Simeonova - The Gut Health Revolution

4. Justin Bonello - Our broken food system and what we can do about it

5. Dr. Marina Botha - What is functional medicine and how we can create optimal health

6. Dr. David Nye - Toxic metals in our bodies - what you need to know

7. Elsa Kruger - Use thermal imaging for the early detection of chronic illness

Day 2

Tuesday, January 24rd, 2023

1. Dr. Craige Golding - Alzheimers and Dementia are reversible

2. Dr. Faryal Luhar - Hashimotos and thyroid disease

3. Christa North (Optiway)How to test for food sensitivities & why you should do it

4. Dr. Hema Kalan - Biohacks for better sleep

5. Dr. Shavit Sachs - Taking the BS out of IBS

6. Lauren Britz - How I went from deathly ill to a life of vitality - You can too

7. Daniella Corder Sync your cycle for optimal hormonal health & performance

Day 3

Wednesday, January 25th, 2023

1. Prof. Tim Noakes - Reversing T2D & improving metabolic flexibility

2. Wesley Grosvenor & Stephanie Grosvenor - Root cause solutions made simple

3. Christa North (Geneway) - Your genetics are not your fate. Turn off disease genes

4. T/Dr. CP van Eeden - ADHD is a super power

5. Dr. Daphne Lyell - Stress, hormones, and HPA axis dysfunction

6. Christine Phillips - The Anti-Diet Method for 2023 

Day 4

Thursday, January 26th, 2023

1. Stephanie Grosvenor - Fundamentals to closing the gap from where you are to where you want to be

2. Elan Lohmann- Health is a habit

3. Kate Aitken (Wellness Warehouse) - Sleep hygiene/ the importance of rest

4. Helen Stutz Full spectrum healing at LifeShine Wellness Center

5. Sandy Hughes - Fast your way to better health

6. Kyle Kondos - Movement made easy

7. Karin Ritchie - Somatic experiencing for trauma healing

Day 5

Friday, January 27th, 2023

1. Dr. Faryal Luhar - Demystifying PCOS and infertility

2. Brandon Halasz (NuHuman) - The NuHuman Way: An innovative strategy to transform your life

3. Craig Ludwig and Dr. Anton Van Rensberg - Medicinal cannabis in South Africa

4. Peter Stutz - The dangers of emf exposure & how you can protect yourself & your loved ones

5. Elsa Kruger - The role of self-worth and mindset on your health journey

6. Dr. Marna Turner - Lyme disease & parasitic infection as underlying root causes

7. Wedaad Price Food & nutrition basics to dramatically improve your health

Day 6

Saturday, January 28th, 2023

1. Renny Letswalo - Nutritional interventions for autoimmune disease

2. Peter Daniel (Soaring Free) - Potent plants for managing stress

3. Loren Hilton Why you need to add a functional medicine health coach to your healthcare team

4. Jason Anthony (Rawbiotics) - The role & importance of probiotics

5. Dr. Francois Du Toit - The gut-brain connection & vagal nerve health

6. Sawani Soman - How I lost over 100lbs and got off all Chronic medicine

7. Marielle Wolmarans - The shocking effects of gluten on your health

Day 7

Sunday, January 29th, 2023

1. Dr. Okker Botha - Live blood analysis for disease prevention, reversal & achieving optimal health

2. Nikki Temkin - Workplace wellness is Key

3. Michael Holmwood - Partner with nature to heal & connect to your true nature

4. Taleszia Raubenheim - The connection between your gut, our soil, and the environment

5. Letha Buller - How root cause treatment and customised nutrition saved me

6. Jeri Silverman - Reconnect to self & break old habits with The Alexander Technique

7. Pritam Khalsa - The healing power of Yoga for optimal health


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